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Communicating Your Vision

An effective vision will almost always be:

  • Achievable
  • Appealing to deep desires – personal and within the organisation
  • A good choice from well-considered options
  • A clear statement of the motivation that drives the organisation
  • Based on clear insights and analysis of the present situation

Once you have worked through the process of defining and determining your vision, there are a number of key elements required to communicate it – otherwise it gathers dust, or electronic static as it is no more than the words it contains.

Communicating the vision to the wider organisation is critical to success.

Keep the language simple, free of trite expressions, techno-babble and jargon – especially industrial gobbledegook.

Use Examples
Examples, metaphors, analogies are great for communication visions – paint verbal picture that everyone can relate to and visualise where they’re headed.

Multiple Forums
Big, small, medium sized meetings, memos, articles – these are all a must after the formal “announcement” and they allow for informal interactions.

Ideas sink in best when they have been heard many times – make the vision part of the natural language of the organisation.  Have it visible in staff rooms and work places.

Lead by example and make sure your behaviour is consistent with the vision – we believe what we see more than what we hear.

Learn to listen – by listening (and that means keeping you mouth shut) you may find out about an easier, better, shorter journey.  Don’t be afraid of asking opinions from all levels of the organisation as well.  But remember you’re in listening mode after you ask the question!

Congratulations: you now have a compelling vision with which to take your organisation into its future.


Creating Possibilities and Finding Solutions

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