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Managing Your Life at Work

Many of us go to work each day, come home frustrated and unhappy with what we’re doing because we’re snowed under with pressure, time deadlines, and the boss’s demands.  We don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

A large cruise ship has 5 navigational systems and 2 officers on duty in the bridge at any time.  And that’s just to keep the ship going in the right direction, let alone look after the passengers.

So how can you keep on track at work?

Show up
Many of life’s achievements only needed someone to turn up, pay attention, work hard and do their best.  Superior jobs are done right now – they don’t rely on how well you did in the past, or how well you might do in the future – they need you full attention now. So show up, be the best you can.

Write down goals
This is old advice, but it works.  Make a list of your goals – print them out if you use a computer – review them every week.  Think about them each morning – it will take all of 20 minutes and will change how much better you can manage you day.

Get rid of distractions
Stay focused on the task in hand.  Do the hardest thing first and save a really easy one which you enjoy until last in the day – it’s a clever way of rewarding yourself.  Don’t get side-tracked.  If a problem is persistent – then stop to solve it once and for ever – get rid of it.  Successful people don’t tolerate the things that make most of us frustrated – they have dealt with them by taking time out to do just that.

Manage your space
Top achievers know that space management is more important than time management – is your workstation cluttered, filing still to be done.  Try for a neat office, a clean car, diaries that are legible.  Make you work space somewhere you can give of your best.

Daily Reading
Take time (that might mean scheduling time) to read something every day that is useful, challenging or simply fun.  Try a read one book a month.  Remember there are places called libraries – you don’t have to buy the books.

Make use of the time in the car
I know someone who listens to the whole Bible on tape in the car each year.  Listen to educational tapes, motivational tapes, or ‘fun’ tapes while you struggle through the traffic.

Review your values – those things that make life worth living.  Write them down; share them with a close friend.  Remembering your values – why you’re working where you do – will help you stay focused.

Thank You
Saying thank you is simple – but do you actually do this to yourself – how many good days did you have this week for which you’re thankful.  But also thank others for making your life easier and less cluttered.

Play more
Exercise releases a whole range of chemicals into your body that are good for you.  Laugh, have fun, play with the kids, play a game of tennis (don’t worry if you’re not a “Nadal”) – recharge your inner batteries by taking time out, breathing hard and even sweating a little!

Get a Coach
You can set up your own coach group – a group of people who are committed to helping you (and each other in turn) to be successful.  Or you can get a personal coach – someone who will make you accountable.  Use the group to bounce ideas off, or ask them for advice – they’re all there to help.

Last thought
Remember the cruise ship – why so much redundancy in the systems and personnel? Well think about the consequences of going off course - having a cruise ship lost even for a short while is not the best thing to happen at sea!


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