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Good posture is critical to good singing – in fact to a good life as a whole.

Feet spaced comfortably apart – about in line with the shoulders looking down from above your head.

Rock backwards and forwards.

Think about the outside of the foot – outside left, outside right.

Soft knees – not braced back as this will cause lower back tension – just slightly bent – soft.

Hips over knees – not twisted sideways, or tilted over one side.

Shoulders over hips – and therefore connected all the way back to the feet.

Feet can be slightly one in front of the other.

Ears over shoulders – sounds simple, but this means the neck is not twisted.

Feel as though the crown on the top of your head is growing.

This will help lengthen your spine.

Keep chin under and relaxed.

Make sure tongue is not tensed – slightly “lisping” feeling.

Keep breathing.

Find the hole in the back of the head, at the base where it connects to the spine.

Gently turn the head to the left, then to the right.

Keep breathing.

Start all over again, until this becomes a natural place to begin singing from, where your structure (scaffolding) is secure but not tight.

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