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Stress Busters

Ten tips in bullet form for busting stress:

  • Identify the single root cause of the stress – first deal with that alone
  • It is easier to change yourself than to change others
  • Is it internal – relationships, health, business, career
  • If it is internal then define some short term actions that you can use to create change
  • Is it external – war, drought, politics, weather
  • If it is external, then focus on changing your attitude – it is alright not to have an opinion on everything, especially it is the scheme of things it doesn’t matter
  • Keep focused on your goals, your desired outcomes – these are more important that the action itself – remember, every action has a reaction
  • Choose, learn and use a calming relaxation technique on a regular basis
  • Remember that you are entitled not to be right all the time
  • Stress is good (actually) and change is inevitable

Creating Possibilities and Finding Solutions

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