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Why do you need a Coach?

Here are a few points to think about when considering why you need a coach.

You get your own personal time to focus on your concerns and priorities every month.
It’s a really neat thing to have a private, personal, challenging conversation focused exclusively on helping you.  If you think about it, how often do you get the support you actually need to give of your best?

You get to focus your attention.
A coach enables you to focus your attention on YOU!  A coach can be your biggest encourager – and at times the person you love to “hate” the most!

You actually become more productive.
Coaching focuses you on the important things by allowing you to become more results-focused, more goal-oriented.  Coachees often find that they are working less and achieving more in less time – you find you will have fewer false starts.

Honesty is the policy.
You become more honest about the things you really want – you learn to separate them from the day-dreams.  Do you want more time off, or do you actually want a new job?  Do you want (need) more money?  Telling the truth to yourself (because you’re also telling yourself as you tell your coach!) makes life easier.

There are fewer frustrations.
Coaches challenge people to get rid of distractions and annoying things that can clutter a day.  These things take up your time and energy and hold you back from doing the things that matter.

Values get clarity and Integrity comes back into your life.
A coach will allow you to discover those things that are really important to you and help you to work out a strategy for having more of those things in your life.  Caveat – this can result in major lifestyle changes – but they will be of your making!

Relationships improve.
As you change, becoming more confident, honest and with fewer frustrations cluttering your life, so relationships with those around you will improve.  You’ll also be better able to set boundaries so that your needs are met – and you do this whilst honouring the needs and boundaries of others.

You will set higher goals for yourself.
You’ll be able to aim higher than before.  Daily life no longer will satisfy – you now have more time and energy – and you will want a life that’s more fulfilling and challenging.

Life will be easier and richer.
No, not just money, though you will have learnt better how to handle your finances.  You’ll find you have more energy, you will get up earlier, more refreshed; you’ll be able to play more and most of all, you will be able to work and live with passion.


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