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We are Forbrain® affiliates.

We have noticed over the years that someone, often in fact musicians, may hear well but listen poorly and this lead us to investigate auditory processing.

Forbrain is the flagship product of Sound for Life and is an award-winning neural device that has shown conclusive results in enhancing the speech, attentional strengthening, and focus. Built with bone conduction technology and a unique dynamic filter, the device provides the user instantaneous feedback of their own voice which creates an enhanced auditory-feedback loop. Forbrain's dynamic filter trains the brain to be more attentive improving not only attention but auditory processing and sensory integration.

The official site for Forbrain is www.forbrain.com.

We have found that using Forbrain is extremly beneficial to our students and the work we do; we have seen really amazing results with Forbrain and use it with students whenever we can.

Contact us regarding if you would like more information on Forbrain®; or click here to download a PDF brochure.

Forbrain inherited its science from the Tomatis Method, the most advanced program in Sound Therapy which has evolved over a period of sixty years. So to complement our use of Forbrain, we now have a partnership with the KingsFisher Institute to whom we can refer Tomatis work.


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