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The work I do centres around the inner game of personal communication. That may be the inner game of voice, the inner game of communication, or the inner game of music. I work with the individual, finding ways to allow you to express what you are feeling; finding ways to allow you to become the person you are. In essence I help people discover their true passion and potential.

Much of my work is with High School and University Students as each begins to define who they are and what passions are emerging.

Words used by those with whom I work include: helping the dialogue, listening post, sounding board, counselling, silencing that voice, coaching, musician, problem solving, life therapist, youth issues, communication, goal.

It really is up to us all to ensure that we are helping young people reach higher, reach their potential and take control of their lives, their futures. It is not just educators in the classrooms; it is those extra-curricular teachers of art and music, the coaches on playing fields, it is parents and care-givers. It is up to us all to give our young people the best opportunity to succeed at their passion, their life's work. I am passionate about the work that I do with young people.

My creative work spans over forty years experience as an International Tenor and Vocal Coach. I have also produced concerts and musicals, been musical and vocal director of musical theatre productions, and have assisted choirs and choruses to achieve better sounds.

Over the years I have used the phrase "vocal-psyence" to encompass this work. There is a vocal component and a psychological component to being a singer, an actor, anyone who uses their voice in their work.

I also work as a business consultant, as I have had extensive managerial and senior executive experience both nationally and internationally, specialising in change management and restructuring, and working with leadership teams in particular. I also coach individuals within a business helping them to find solutions to growth.

In 2005, I was made a Justice of the Peace for New Zealand and I continue to serve my community in that role.

If you wish to contact me about the work I do, or how I might be able to help, please click here.

To link to my website, click www.michaelblake.co.nz.


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