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Developing the business.

Michael specialises working in this area with people who are in business, such as senior executives and leadership teams. Appreciative Inquiry workshops are also facilitated where vision and mission statements can be developed.

Discovering hidden talents within individuals and teams can lead to a more productive and efficient organisation.

Too often we don’t know just how talented the people who work for us are  -  unless we take the time to find out.

Looking at systems and processes from the outside allows for suggestions about working smarter not harder  -  letting leaders and individuals achieve the work-life balance they might seek for themselves and their colleagues.

All too often pain points are simply tolerated until they become part of the norm of the business.  Fixing them releases time and energy into the company.

Speciality Areas:

  • Coaching The Leader Within
  • Building Effective Leadership Teams
  • Appreciative Inquiry Workshops
  • Mentoring  -  walking beside you on your journey

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