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Creative Group Workshops

We run a number of creative workshops for groups:

Enjoying Creativity

Forget the bonding deep within the bush, come and let your creative side flow - learn Opera Choruses from scratch, paint whatever your mind wants the world to see, release your body in free dance movement, drum stresses away, build memory cubes.

Creating Dynamic Teams

These workshops focus on creating dynamic teams for any situation, whether in an office environment, a sports team, or association membership.

Music Teachers / Head of Departments

For those who want to know more about the voice and how to get students to breathe correctly  -  no matter what the instrument.

High School Vocal Groups

Learn correct posture, breathing, the dynamics of a group, listening to each other, better vowel sounds, the meaning of words, emotion in song.


Vocal pedagogy, breathing, vowel and intonation problems, unity.

Worship Teams

Specialist workshops specifically designed to assist Pastors and Teams with all aspects of worship leading and moving with the Spirit.

Vocal Pedagogy Group Classes

Laryngeal structure, breathing, vocal hygiene with practical exercises for anyone who wants to know more about how we sing.


Contact us about group workshops >>

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